Why choose Synthesia Spray Foam with The Energy Saving Store?

Home insulation has come a long way over the years. And the traditional types are still around - like felt, panel or fibre glass insulation. But for true energy-efficiency - whether it's loft insulation, attic insulation or interior wall insulation - the future is foam insulation. Not just our expert opinion; it's a matter of fact. Here are the key benefits of spray foam: -

So, as you can see, there's no shortage of reasons to choose Synthesia Spray Foam.

It's a real all-rounder, that excels in so many ways. And you can use it for just about anywhere in the home - loft insulation, attic insulation, interior wall insulation (and it can be adapted for exterior insulation too). But perhaps just as important is this: when you choose to go Synthesia with The Energy Saving Store, you're choosing a trusted local expert you can rely on.

Become a cold-buster with Synthesia Spray Foam


Synthesia Spray Foam: The Greener Choice

Climate change is really starting to hit home... NOW is the time for greener living.

Once upon a time, living greener was considered to be a bit 'out there' - but of course, these days we're all a bit wiser. And most of us are doing our bit too. But as we've all seen in the headlines about extreme weather events of late, climate change needs more action now. Here's the good news - we can help the earth change course, by starting at home.

Become a cold-buster with Synthesia Spray Foam and our team - and help the planet.

Making your home energy-efficient is one of the biggest ways you can make a difference to the environment. But it's all down to how you go about it... and the people you choose to do it with. That's where Synthesia Spray Foam and The Energy Saving Store have the edge.

Making the world greener together, one drum of Synthesia at a time...

Some companies talk a good game on being green. But with Synthesia Spray Foam, you are getting the real deal when it comes to a greener form of home insulation - whether that's for loft insulation, attic insulation or interior wall insulation.

All that, and you get a cosier, healthier home! Plus you decimate your energy bills! It's an out of this world combo of benefits that will help us protect this world. What's not to like?